Multi-row Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) side by side

The flexible design of the SKYPARK SW can be used underground and above ground sections. Skypark can be planned as multi-storey up to the permissible floor height. Besides, Ergonomic design of Skypark provides multi-row side-by-side. With turntable application the user could enter the system in different positions if the entrance and exit points are located narrow sections.


  • Vertical moving platform brings the car required floor they horizontal moving motors operates to slide platforms right or left side on to the slots.
  • Less than 2 minutes delivery time.
  • Silent and nonvibrating operation.
  • More space efficiency than conventional parking.
  • All operations are easily done via the integrated computer system.
  • More than one system can be linked together.
  • It has design of up to 20 floor application for one module and up to 30 floor applications for linked modules. If the building static structure is suitable to connect our system, up to 50 floor applications are possible.
  • One-touch control system with user-friendly PLC control unit.
  • System can be covered with suitable materials for advertisements.
  • Outside coverage protect the system from environmental factors as sun, rain, snow, dust etc.
  • Vehicles are protected from all kind of external accidents, damages.
  • Possibility of application both underground and on the ground.


  • Easy operation with barcode, contactless control or mobile app.
  • Safety sensors: Vehicle weight sensor, limit sensors, motion sensor, vehicle height sensor.


  • Special design for SUV. Easy entrance/exit and manoeuvring at narrow places with Turntable.
  • Drainage system redirects any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.
  • Outside covering, fire safety system, payment system.
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