For more than 50 years Loading Systemc has accumulated invaluable experience in the field of cold stamping and made for the promotion of many innovation ideas. We carefully put all our knowledge and skills in each profile. All process of production of profiles – design, production and assembly – is concentrated in one building that guarantees the optimum end result for the client – efficiency, profitability and exact compliance with all requirements.

The best materials for long-term service
Good roll-up doors have to provide trouble-free functioning for a maximum long period of time. A shutter role in profiles of Loading Systems  cold stamping are very reliable and long-lasting. Modern design, careful selection of materials and final surface processing is a decisive factor for stable and noise-free work. We use in production only high quality raw materials – galvanized steel sheets, aluminum and stainless steel of the leading producers.

Exact calculation of a structural wind load
Stability under a wind load is the major condition for roll-up doors. Therefore, together with Institute of Construction Design of RWTH Aachen University, we developed the certified computer program for calculation of roll-up door deformation under a wind load with wind locks and without them. This program allows us to calculate precisely the greatest possible parameters of doors depending on wind speed.

All our products pass a series of tests
 Before using new materials and types of profiles are exposed to thorough internal and external testing. In particular, warm and sound-proof properties of our profiles are confirmed with the corresponding certificates. Also, we deliver the certified rolling shutters, resistant to bullets, explosions and breaking.

The highest quality as a standard
Our product line is represented by a wide choice of double-side rolling profiles for industrial and private use. A variety of materials, design and wide color range make possible a large number of combinations and implementation of any your ideas. What is common for all our products is construction as strong as the rock.

Double-side rolling profiles
We recommend double-side rolling profiles if heat-insulating properties and smooth motion are in addition important. Depending on the model, they are warmed by expanded polystyrene, mineral wool or polyurethane foam and conform to the highest standards of durability and safety. They are avilable in different colours and made of different materials. To increase the safety level, to improve  visibility and ventilation, it is possible to build apertures and cuts in the profiles.

High-speed roll-up doors – reduction of costs of the electric power
In addition to standard systems, we offer constructors for high-speed roll-up doors with the average speed of  0.9m/s. The double-side profile of ISO-SL roll-up doors possesses special characteristics due to polyurethane foam filling which considerably decreases noise level during the work and has magnificent heat-insulating properties.

Are collected and packed
As complex solution suppliers, we deliver ready sets of rolling doors. They are made by the individual order, designed and assembled according to individual needs of each client.

Fine supplement: accessories for roll-up doors
As the strength of a chain is defined by the stength of its weakest link, the same way reliability of doors is defined by reliability of their each part. Therefore, we pay attention to each detail of the final product. We specialize in individual projects as the department of design and production department of our company work together and have an opportunity to create profiles of any complexity.

Considering requirements of each project and the newest methods of production, our specialists develop optimal exclusive solutions for clients.

A wide choice of materials depending on thickness of profiles is available:

  • steel: polished, zinced or painted
  • stainless steel: from 1.4016 to 1.4571, polished, opaque
  • aluminum: polished, zinced or painted
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