A roadblocker is designed as an impact resistant barrier for vehicle access. Whether you need a simple, low cost up and down roadblocker for relatively low volume use or in case you’re looking for a heavy-duty anti-terrorist roadblocker for frequent use, Bavak is your supplier. We supply the Bavak roadblockers in various heights and widths exactly to your wishes. You can use a roadblocker on almost any road surface.

The roadblocker can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with a conventional gate or arm barrier. A roadblocker is very suitable for so-called 'High Security' areas such as airports, banks, financial institutions, embassies, customs, military areas, and distribution depots.

In the "up" position, the roadblocker acts as an impenetrable barrier and forms a highly visible deterrent. In the "down" position, the roadblocker does not act as an obstacle to passing vehicles. The roadblockers are one of the best defense systems for your location when controlled access is desired.

Whichever Bavak roadblocker you choose, it will be fully customized to meet the requirements of your location. The drive system is available as electromechanical (STE) or electro-hydraulic (STH) depending on specifications.

In short, Bavak supplies the roadblocker as a 'standard product', or completely adapted to your wishes and needs.

Please contact our specialists to see which roadblocker can be chosen as the best solution.

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