Rotary Parking system

RINGOPARK increases the capacity of the park in idle and narrow spaces with its simplified powerful mechanics working with ferris wheel system. Sedan up to a maximum of 12 vehicles and SUVs up to a maximum of 10 vehicles can be parked.


  • Parking of 6 - 8 – 10 – 12 vehicles on the footprint of less than 2 cars.
  • Vehicles park on slots and system rotates right or left side for loading or unloading cars by system as designed Ferris wheel.
  • System calculates shortest route to deliver car then rotates right or left side.
  • Easy installation facility on the narrow spaces. It operate efficient with strong and durable structure.
  • System can be painted with epoxy polyester dye to achieve an aesthetic image.
  • Simple one commant control to require no management staff/operator.
  • System is optimized for minimum electricity consumption.
  • System can be covered against environmental factors.
  • Minimum electricity consumption with the most rapid and smooth movement is enable by the usage of both gear motor and inventor.


  • Easy operation with barcode, contactless control or mobile app.


  • Special design for SUV with the capacities 6–8–10 vehicles.
  • Easy entrance/exit and manoeuvring at narrow places with Turntable.
  • Outside covering.
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