Multi-storey floor mounted Semi Automatic Parking Systems (APS)

PUZZLELİFT provides a compact parking solution that saves space in a fully automatic way by moving up-down and left-right sides.


  • Puzzle Lift in 2, 3, 4 or 5 floor versions. This system allows the users to park independently.
  • All platforms can be able to move up – down and right – left directions.
  • Provides a photoelectric checking system which controls vehicle size.
  • Easy operation touch screen PLC control.


  • Hot dip galvanized platforms.
  • Touch screen PLC control system allows calling the required vehicle in one touch.
  • 2000kg lifting capacity per car.


  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Audible and illuminated warning system.
  • Automatic gate.
  • Roof covering.
  • Outside covering.
  • Production possibility for special requirements; more lifting capacity or wider platforms etc.
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