Three-floor semi-automatic parking system 2 floor above ground section and one floor below the ground section.

PRACTICATRIO, the upgraded model of the Practicapark, provides three levels of parking space and using one underground section.


  • Independent and new generation parking lift for SUV and Sedan cars.
  • Upper and lower platforms move up-down direction while middle platforms smoothly slide to both left and right directions to clear upper platforms way or lower platforms way up.
  • Usage indoor in every kind of parking area with ergonomic and aesthetic design.
  • Most efficient and correct solution for the busy and high rating car parks.
  • Possibility to design the system in desired number of modules starting from two, thus achieving the most economical solution.
  • 33% more parking capacity by the pit comparing standard Practica.
  • User friendly touch screen PLC control. One touch operation.
  • User friendly with ergonomic design.


  • Hot dip galvanized platforms.
  • Synchronization system when there is more than 1 system linked to each other.
  • Mechanical position lock system against hose burst and oil leakage.
  • 2000 kg lifting capacity per car for the upper and lower platforms, 3000 kg movement capacity for the middle platforms.
  • Touch screen PLC control system allows calling the required vehicle in one touch.


  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Audible and illuminated warning system.
  • Automatic gate.
  • Roof covering.
  • Outside covering.
  • Production possibility for special requirements; more lifting capacity or wider platforms etc.
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