Two-floor semi-automatic parking system above ground

PRACTICAPARK, the vehicles are parked on top of each other without the pit. Lifting and sliding platforms provide direct access to all entry-level parking spaces.


  • Independent and new generation parking lift for SUV and Sedan cars.
  • Upper platforms moves up-down direction and lower platforms moves right – left directions. When you call upper platform to get your car, lower platform moves right or left site to let upper platform descent.
  • Most efficient and correct solution for the busy and high rating car parks.
  • Possibility to design the system in desired number of modules starting from two, thus achieving the most economical solution.
  • No column at entrance level, easy parking.
  • No need site building for concrete and asphalt ground if there is enough thickness concrete.
  • User friendly with ergonomic design.
  • Due to machine design the system provides option to use multi lines which minimize the manoeuvre area. Optionally you can use lines of Practica, Practica Trio and Slider together in one parking area and system.


  • Hot dip galvanized platforms.
  • Synchronization system when there is more than 1 system linked to each other.
  • Mechanical position lock system against hose burst and oil leakage.
  • 2000 kg lifting capacity per car for the upper platform, 3000 kg movement capacity for the bottom platforms.
  • Touch screen PLC control system allows calling the required vehicle in one touch.


  • Catwalks easy to walk on for driving platforms.
  • Audible and illuminated warning system.
  • Automatic gate.
  • Roof covering.
  • Outside covering.
  • Production possibility for special requirements; more lifting capacity or wider platforms etc.
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