Full Automatic Parking System for restricted underground areas

LAYERPARK fully automated parking of vehicles under the ground storage logic. This automatic parking system to be used in narrow, long spaces with double elevators. The layers can move at the same time.


  • Maximum efficiency in narrow and long areas.
  • 2no high speed elevator located endpoints of the system to decrease the entrance and exit times.
  • Up to 5 level with latest technology.
  • Minimum manoeuvring with Turntable.
  • Software which calculates the shortest route to delivery cars.
  • 4 – 12 vehicles on horizontal axis.
  • Automatic system with elevator and horizontal transport unit.
  • Up to 52 vehicle capacity.
  • Custom solutions on request.
  • Use only one entrance from the top in a closed area that does not require a deep pit.


  • Easy operation with barcode, contactless control or mobile app.
  • Safety sensors: Vehicle weight sensor, limit sensors, motion sensor, vehicle height sensor.


  • Special design for SUV.
  • Easy entrance/exit and manoeuvring at narrow places with Turntable.
  • Fire safety system.
  • Payment system.
  • Drainage system redirects any unrequired liquid safely out of the system.
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