Machine protection doors

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The ingenious construction principle of the  EFAFLEX spiral, combined with slim double walled extruded aluminium laths, permits such a compact design. This harmonised design guarantees very smooth, safe use supported by high speed operation. The contactless operation of the door leaf prevents surfaces from being scratched, while the optional transparent vision laths remain transparent even after extensive use.

Door control
The control unit which can be used worldwide operates at performance level PL »d« for safety-relevant control circuits and can be extended using the machine protection doors MS-AM connection module. Machine protection door EFA-SST MS from EFAFLEX.
The machine protection door EFA-SST MS operates by means of virtually maintenancefree tension spring assembly with electromechanical function monitoring.

More special advantages
Used as a standalone separating safety guard, the EFA-SST MS high-speed spiral door fulfils the requirements for a safe, modern machine protection door. Together with optional floor supports, the selfsupporting simple design allows standalone installation. To ensure protection in low height situations, additional covers are available for the spiral unit. Of course, the EFA-SST® MS is also equipped with a transparent covering providing a clear view of the integrated safety endlimit switch of Cat. 4 / Pl »e« in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1.

Floor support
Optional supports in order to install the door system as a standalone system. Levelling of uneven ground possible by means of screws.

Safety contact strip in the main closing edge, in combination with an additional light barrier.

EFA-SST MS at a glance

  • Functional safety performance level »d«
  • Maximum speed up to 2.7 m / s
  • Compact extruded aluminium laths
  • Up to 250,000 cycles per year
  • Maximum of 7 cycles per minute
  • Life cycle 12 years
  • Standard sizes of up to w=3m x h=3m
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