The economical door for inside
The EFA-SRT ECO convinces with its excellent price-performance ratio. Special structural preparations are not necessary due to the space-saving design, for example very slim side frames. Thus, the EFA-SRT ECO can be applied in more situations than any other door.

Always in good shape
A cost-intensive guide at the sides of the curtain prevents undesired air exchange which is caused by pressure differences and drafts. The standard curtain is fully transparent and is provided with warning strips as standard. Coloured curtains are also available without any problems. The guide profiles made of sendzimir galvanized steel are also available in stainless steel.

Ideal for materials-handling technology
Due to its space-saving design (e.g. very slim side frames), the EFA-SRT ECO is absolutely suitable for being used with runways and automatic transportation systems. It guarantees a secure and fast material flow.

Clear passage also in case of power failure
During opening and closing, the weight of the door is balanced by maintenance-free and wear-free counter weights. During a power failure, a quick and easy emergency opening is possible. For this purpose, only operate the pull cord, this releases the brake and the door opens automatically.

Reliable safety
Your high-speed roll-up door can be equipped with the EFA-EAS crash protection upon request. This protective equipment prevents expensive damages to the curtain in the case of a crash.
During a crash, the bottom module is pressed out of its guides on both sides. Sensors signalise this to the control and stop the door movement immediately. The curtain and the closing edge can be returned in no time. Your door will be ready for operation again after a short time.

If everything was so easy
With the EAS-version, you avoid unprofitable standstill times and your logistic processes will become even more efficient. Moreover, the protective equipment reduces your repair costs. Decide in favour of EFA-EAS; this will save time, money and a lot of trouble.

Individual design
Whether bright yellow, warning red, bright blue or neutral grey - you can chose from numerous colours for the curtain of your EFA-SRT ECO: RAL 1021 rape yellow; RAL 2008 bright red orange; RAL 3002 carmine red; RAL 5002 ultramarine blue; RAL 6005 moss green; RAL 7035 light grey; RAL 9016 traffic white.

Special hangings as option
In addition to the standard curtain, which is made of silicone-free PVC, EFAFLEX also offers a number of special curtains for different purposes for the EFA-SRT ECO, e.g. for the use in the food industry of in painting plants as well as a hardly flammable option. All three curtains are made of transversely stable material and are silicone-free.

EFA-SRT ECO at a glance:

  • Ideal for materials-handling technology
  • Space-saving design
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • With crash protection as option
  • Opening up to 2.0 m/s
  • Closing up to 1.0 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles p.a.
  • Standard sizes up to w=6m x h=7m
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