Innovative & safe
Due to the EFA Soft Touch System (patent pending), all of your demands regarding a door curtain which remains inherently stable and unaffected by draft air and pressure differences, offering high speed, easy manual opening if necessary as well as collision and operator protection, are fulfi lled in a unique way. This innovative technology combines the tensioning of the door curtain and the weight counterbalance with a collision and crash detection in one integrated system. In contrast to other constructions, the separated snap-in connections of the EFA-SRT Soft Touch are reunited when they reach their lower end positions. This results in superior functionality, absolute operational safety and a legendary longevity. Recommended for applications with a high access frequency of staff.

Can cope with any crash
The door system is equipped with a completely new collision protection and provides superior operational safety due to its flexible closing edge. If the door leaf should touch an obstacle or a person, the closing edge will easily bend in any direction – therefore, no additional safety contact strip is required. If in such a case, a certain extent of deformation is exceeded, the two snap-in connections at the bottom of the door are disconnected so that the door leaf can snap out of the guide pieces. Sensors detect this and transmit a „crash” signal to the control – the movement of the door is stopped immediately and an upwards movement of the door system is initiated without delay.

With absolute safety
EFAFLEX high-speed doors of course also guarantee highest standard with regard to safety. As the leading manufacturer of high-speed doors, EFAFLEX is aware of its responsibility! Therefore, we aim at also doing pioneering work with regard to safety. Our systems offer you considerably more safety – for persons as well as for material loaded and the door itself.

Unique systems - for more safety
Not only the doors themselves satisfy the highest demands at EFAFLEX. The appertaining safety systems also offer unique advantages. EFA-SCAN, the latest EFAFLEX patent, is the first laser scanner worldwide which can be used in a door and which is activator and safety system in one.

EFA-SRT ST at a glance

  • With frequency converters
  • Control on the door frame
  • With crash protection as standard
  • Opening up to 2,0 m/s, Closing up to 0,75 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles p.a.
  • Standard sizes up to w=4,5m x h=5m


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