Light lengths ahead
Once again, EFAFLEX presents a completely new and patented technology. For you, our engineers have developed EFA-SCAN, the first laser scanner worldwide for being used in a door! EFA-SCAN carries out the tasks of activators and safety systems better than any other technology on the market. The innovation by EFAFLEX covers the entire area in front of the door – for the first time without missing anything and, by using intelligent direction recognition, it is more reliable than any other technology.
Complex software algorithms prevent triggering during rain, snow and extraneous light. Therefore, EFA-SCAN is one of the few laser scanners which are also suitable for being installed outdoors. The innovative laser technology guarantees a uniquely secure, split-second opening of your door.

EFA-SCAN at a glance:

  • Patented world premiere
  • The first laser scanner for door systems
  • Gapless detection of moving and motionless objects
  • Intelligent direction recognition
  • Immune to environmental influences
  • Suitable for outside installation
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