The Loading Systems LED dock light is used to illuminate the full length of truck trailers. These dock lights increase safety during loading and unloading.

The dock light can be supplied with its own control box. To increase its user-friendliness it can also be integrated in the control box of your Dock Leveller, Dock Shelter or Industrial Door. In this case the light will turn one in sequence with your dock product.

  • Safe up to 90% of energy
  • Long-life LED
  • Instant on
  • 1100mm long swivel arm

LED dock light 12VDC
The 12VDC version works with 6 power LED's. The LED's give a bright and uniform light. The black coloured dock light has a handle on the bottom to position it in an easy way.

LED dock light 220VAC
The 220VAC version works with 11 power LED's. The metal housing and acrylic lens make it extremely durable.

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