Your loading bay is used to load and unload vehicles with different dimensions. You are looking for a solution to seal off all openings around the vehicle.The curtain dock shelter is a perfect fit for your situation.

Loading Systems supplies curtain dock shelters which can be fully designed to your specific requirements. our curtain dock shelter is manufactured with the best quality materials to guarantee a long lifespan. The durable curtain dock shelter and its aluminium frame provide an aesthetic product.

  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Aesthetic design
  • One uninterrupted seal
  • Optimum water drainage

Durable, long lifespan
The robust hinged frame design provides protection against damage from too high or off centred vehicles.

Optimum water drainage
The design of the curtain dock shelter ensures optimum drainage of the shelter roof, preventing water ingress onto the goods during loading and unloading.

Uninterrupted continuous seal
The projection cover is made from one uninterrupted continuous seal which prevents leakage, contamination or draughts into the building.

Innovative rolling curtain
When the docking vehicles have a large difference in height, for example when delivery vans and vehicles are used, the curtain dock shelter can be supplied with the innovative Roller blind.

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