As a total solution provider Loading Systems developed control systems for basic operating and totally integrated operating systems. This means combined controls for dock levellers, dock shelters, industrial doors and accessories.

Integrated solutions
Combining the operation of your products into one single control does not only offer aesthetical benefits but also saves on installation and maintenance costs since only one power supply is required.

Optimal usage with Automatic Sequence Control
With the automatic sequence control the optimum operating sequence can be programmed to prevent damage and secure optimal usage of the loading bay.

Simplified docking with the Docking Assistant
All controls come with the Loading Systems Docking Assistant as standard. The Docking Assistant provides an indication of the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the loading bay. This simplifies docking and reduces risk of vehicle damage.

Standard prepared for Advanced Control Centre
All controls have been prepared for our patented Advanced Control Centre. With the Advanced Control Centre your loading bay can be monitored online 24/7.

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