A bollard consists of a steel pole which is either buried or anchored in concrete with heavy reinforcement and covered by a metal sleeve. Bollards are used to protect buildings and public spaces. In addition, a bollard can also be a perfect fit for traffic regulation where vehicle access is restricted for certain periods of time.

We supplies and installs bollards in a wide range:

  • Fixed bollards which are placed in a row
  • Galvanized bollards
  • Sliding, or retractable (automatic) bollards
  • Special custom made decorative bollards

The choice for the right bollard depends on the required level of security. In addition, it is important to know that the appearance of these bollards can easily be adapted to your needs with a 'sleeve'. This means that the final colour can be made exactly to meet your corporate identity. Also the shape of the bollard can be adjusted. This means that the bollards can fit exactly to your style or to the environment as conceived by an architect.

It is important to mention that all our bollards have different certifications, depending on your needs.

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