EFA-TRONIC Control Box

Optimised functionality, compact and modern design all describe our all new EFA-TRONIC controller. Fully compatible, incredibly reliable and significant power reserves are amongst its many key features. The new controller is equipped serially with more than 20 inputs, along with three bus systems and enhanced security functions.

Control with the latest micro-electronics
Our new EFA-TRONIC control boxes come fully equipped with the very latest generation of microprocessors, with its digital heart’ capable of processing numerous network data inputs; simultaneously coordinating the control circuits between motor, brake, drive, frequency converter, safety devices and your chosen activators.

EFA-TRONIC at a glance:

  • Three Bus systems
  • USB interface
  • Modular design
  • Protection class I/IP65
  • Compact
  • Vacuum-fluorescent display


EFA-SCAN laser scanner

Light lengths ahead
Once again, EFAFLEX presents a completely new and patented technology. For you, our engineers have developed EFA-SCAN, the first laser scanner worldwide for being used in a door! EFA-SCAN carries out the tasks of activators and safety systems better than any other technology on the market. The innovation by EFAFLEX covers the entire area in front of the door – for the first time without missing anything and, by using intelligent direction recognition, it is more reliable than any other technology.
Complex software algorithms prevent triggering during rain, snow and extraneous light. Therefore, EFA-SCAN is one of the few laser scanners which are also suitable for being installed outdoors. The innovative laser technology guarantees a uniquely secure, split-second opening of your door.

EFA-SCAN at a glance:

  • Patented world premiere
  • The first laser scanner for door systems
  • Gapless detection of moving and motionless objects
  • Intelligent direction recognition
  • Immune to environmental influences
  • Suitable for outside installation


EFA-TLG door light grid

With absolute safety
In order to avoid crashes in the lower area of the door, where nearly 90% of all crashes happen, right from the beginning, you are on the safe side by using our TÜV-certified infrared light grid EFA-TLG. The system is unique worldwide and it is completely self-monitoring. It is directly installed into the lateral door tracks so that it is well protected. EFA-TLG monitors the closing plane of the door up to a height of 2.5 metres. Crossing infrared rays generate a nearly flat light grid which can detect even the smallest obstacles without contacting them. If there is something in the way, the closing movement is stopped immediately or not initiated at all, respectively. This unique door technology protects persons, doors, vehicles and material.

EFA-TLG at a glance

  • Monitoring height 2,500mm
  • 3-fold linear resolution
  • Crossed ray analysis
  • Self-sufficient safety system
  • TÜV-certified
  • Exceeds all safety standards
  • Unique worldwide
  • Patented worldwide


Approach area monitoring

Individual approach area monitoring
EFAFLEX offers you a range of different systems in order to adjust approach area monitoring to your individual requirements. The range of possibilities covers known systems such as induction loops, radio remote controls, active infrared or radar systems on the one hand, and new technologies  which intelligently combine radar alarms and infrared systems to form one single system on the other hand so that the advantages offered by both technologies are used.

At a glance:

  • Induction loops
  • Radio remote controls
  • Radar motion detectors
  • Active infrared sensor
  • Combination technologies

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