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Loading Systems

What is Loading Systems?

In the early sixties specialists started thinking about the efficiency of freight movement which resulted in the logistics almost becoming a science. Around the same time a Dutch company started to supply products and systems for that specific discipline of logistics, also known as the interface between internal and external logistics.

That company is now internationally known as Loading Systems, a total supplier with a large range of products and systems, intended for optimising performance around the loading and unloading bays at warehouses. The KVN Systems is the Loading Systems official representative in Latvia.

This range today consists of seven product lines, these are:

  • Powerplate - (loading plates)
  • Poweramp - (dock levellers)
  • Powershelter - (dock seals & shelters)
  • Powerlock - (vehicle restraint systems)
  • Powerdoor - (industrial doors)
  • Powerlift - (lift platforms)
  • Accessories

What is Loading Systems?

In the past years Loading Systems has developed into a market lead total supplier. This is evident in the quality of the products, as well as to the organisation and the methods with which target groups are being guided and supported. Furthermore, advanced automated and robotic production methods have been developed in order to produce efficiently.

Even though one can assume there are standard designs, practically all end products are tailor-made. The ability to be able to deliver exactly what is required is a major strength of Loading Systems. The products and systems are of a superior quality and are always better and safer. Moreover, Loading Systems has always aimed for a PLUS PRODUCT. This means, for example, that in the customer’s favour, time savings are made during installation and maintenance of the products. The recognition of our efforts can be demonstrated by the fact that approximately sixty percent of orders are generated by satisfied existing customers.

Perhaps even more important is the vast knowledge, experience and expertise of the total logistical solutions, which has been gained over several decades. These are the crown jewels of Loading Systems. As a leading authority in the field of warehouse logistics and vehicle loading, specifications recommended by Loading Systems are always substantiated with solid and valid arguments.

These are the distinguishing factors, which makes Loading Systems what it is today. The factors, which many end-users, architects, consultants and construction companies throughout Europe benefit from each day.

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Riga, Latvia, LV 1019, Lomonosova str. 2-36