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About HTC Parking and Security (Holland Traffic Control)

HTC Parking and Security (Holland Traffic Control) has been developing, producing and supplying high quality, high reliability, vehicle access control products for many years. HTC has many satisfied blue-chip clients throughout the World who benefit from the high performance and enhanced security of HTC Speedgates.

Speed of a barrier, robustness of a cantilever gate!

Xentry Speedgates open and close within a few seconds, allowing a quick and controlled access of vehicles to locations where security is paramount. The solid construction design, which is able to withstand intensive and continuous use, has been tested and approved for no less than 1.5 million movements*. The Xentry Speedgate rapidly opens, closes and secures your site. Cantilever gates, roller shutters and arm barriers are all made redundant by the installation of just one product: a Xentry® Speedgate.

Bespoke Speed Gates Manufactured to fit your entrance layout and dimensions

With HTC our range of Xentry 2, Xentry 3 or Xentry Classic systems provide you the choice of column-driven, top-driven or bottom-driven or even trackless. One of our team of project consultants can arrange to meet with you to discuss your requirements and to propose which of our gate systems will provide you with the solution that you have been searching for. We look forward to helping you finding the right product for your purposes. You can also download directly technical information, drawings and specifications.

HTC, where our attention to detail is what gets our customers attention

When developing the ‘Xentry 3 Design ‘ a lot of attention went into the application within the modern architecture environment. This Speedgate features a special ‘Design’ frame that allows panels matching the surrounding architecture to be inserted into each face of the gate in a way that the gate becomes one with the facade. The modular construction makes it possible that you can choose from many different version and styles. For further information relating to the ‘Design’ range please contact our sales team.

Your Entrance, Your Opportunity

“You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Why not pay a bit more attention to your entrance gate? A Speedgate does not have to have a tubular filling. You also could think of glass and plates with your logo on, or a wooden filling to give it a natural look. Let HTC incorporate your companies vision, style or logo into your own bespoke entrance gates, its time to make an entrance.

Certified Safe

The HTC Speedgates meet the tough European standard of EN13241-1. In this HTC is the only producer of Speedgates which are certified by the highest safety demands: German TÜV. Safe access for persons and vehicles is therefore provided.

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