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Bavak Beveiligingsgroep B.V. is a Dutch technology company with specialised divisions in security, encompassing more than 30 years of experience. Bavak operates nationally and internationally and has, in addition to its Dutch office in Noordwijk, support offices in England, Sweden and the U.S.A.

Parking- and Access Control

Access control often forms the first link in the chain of security measures, and is the speciality of our Access Control Division.
We can advise on a suitable, wide ranging package of products, from a simple but effective barrier to an advanced bifolding Speedgate or roadblocker: from automatic rising arm car park barriers to the total security of an airport.

Cash Handling Products

Approaching a project from the customers point of view, has always been central to Bavak Security Group’s corporate philosophy, only then can total security be achieved.

Countless projects have been completed with this very approach - from the perimeter security to the cashiers ‘cash stash’ drawer. These are now part and parcel of security installations found all over the world, from Moscow to Riyadh.

Detection System Rentals

Keep your event safe by using our X-ray security machine rentals and metal Archway rentals !

BAVAK SECURITY GROUP  has over 40 security X-ray machines and over 50 Walk-Through  Metal Detectors in stock which can be used at any time for rental for high-risk events, trade shows, corporate security events,  short term loan or daily rental.

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