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SANPARK brand is enterprised by ŞANMAK, five-continent-wide-known leader manufacturer of vehicle service lifts and elevating equipments, in order to create PARKING SYSTEMS, AUTOPARK SOLUTIONS AND ECONOMICAL PARKING AREAS. 50 years of experience illuminates SANPARK’s path.

Modern urban life is crowded, complex, stressful, expensive and risky. As SANPARK, we are proud to offer urban people our economical, easy and cost-efficient parking solutions, thus improving life standard and quality. Our manufacturing processes and products are high-end in terms of technology. Various alternatives with expert engineering knowledge provide our business collaborates and customers the ability to customize their parking systems in the light of their needs and desires. All our systems are offered for competitive prices.

The crucial factors of hi-tech manufacturing vision, solution offers meeting the needs accurately and competitive prices bring SanPark to the top of her involved industry and soon to be one of the world leading brands.

Our products are being manufactured under the the following standards and norms:

TS EN ISO 12100:2010 (2011)
TS EN 14010+A1 (2010)
TS EN 60204-1/A1 (2011)
TS EN ISO 12944-1 (2002)

Our Vision:

Providing our customers the high-end technology for AUTOPARK SYSTEMS with affordable prices, hitting the bulleye of thier needs.


Our Mission:

  • Using the latest technologies during the manufacturing process.
  • Using the finest quality components in order to produce the best final-goods.
  • Identifying the needs of our customers’ needs, thus creating the most suitable special solutions with affordable prices.
  • Preserving a certain service quality to provide finest spare parts, maintenance service and consultation in order to carry on SanPark’s and her customers’ business successfully.

Official site:

Riga, Latvia, LV 1019, Lomonosova str. 2-36